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    Henlo fellows,
    I'm making a VR app for mobile phone but I'm the only person who I know that owns a VR gear.
    If you want you can play the game and tell me if there are problems/bugs/things that you don't like or you would like in the game.

    Actually there are a few known bugs there I'm trying to fix:
    - Sometimes the "left enemies" counter remains stuck at "1" but no cars are spawned, usually you get victory after a while.
    - The final boss model might be broken (tell me if is it working or not, on my phone doesn't work).
    - Auto-shoot for helicopters doesn't work perfectly before they're over your head.

    I'm working on a brief tutorial in the first level, anyway the controls are simple: You just have to turn your head to aim, the rocket launcher shoots automatically, if you want you can touch the screen to manually shoot but be careful not to kill yourself! After 6 shots (the cross-hair becomes yellow) you need to recharge, to do so just look at the rockets box.

    If you are interested I'll thank you in advance! This is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....deadlypursuit
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