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    Alright so let me start off by saying that I am a bit of a noob when it comes to computer hardware.

    After about five years, I’m finally planning on buying a new laptop. My eyes are on this one.


    Absolute unit. (Yes, it’s only mid to low range when it comes to gaming computers, and its also just a laptop, but it’s a HUGE upgrade for me.)

    So, I have both an Oculus Quest and an Oculus Rift (NOT a Rift S, just the standard Rift). I want to know if this laptop can run PC VR games on Quest via link, and the Rift just fine?

    Given it’s juicy processors, and the fact that they meet the recommended specs with flying colors, I’m pretty sure it can run VR fine processor-wise, although I might need confirmation on that.

    My other main concern though, are the infamous latency issues associated with VR and laptops.

    The Rift is connected via HDMI. I’ve heard most laptops, for some reason I can’t remember, have their connection wired GPU>IGPU>HDMI instead of GPU>HDMI, which can lead to latency issues on the Rift, I’m unsure if it is the same on the Quest via Link, as that is connected from a different port.

    (This paragraph is obviously optional to read, as this is not specifically a computer subreddit, but if you have the expertise, I’d appreciate some input on this.) I also have a smaller concern about how good this gaming laptop is? Like, I know the screen resolution is 1920 X 1080, and the refresh rate is 144hZ, and the color placement or something is atrocious, but hey, still a big upgrade from my current laptop https://speedtest.vet/. HOWEVER, I have heard that the processors can get a little toasty, I heard sometimes reaching around 105°C, which is a bit of a concern in terms of this laptop’s quality. But, I really don’t feel the need to go above 60fps in any game, and I can definitely live with medium graphics settings on the more demanding titles, so I’m unsure if it would even get the that point. But then again, I might need confirmation on that.

    Thank you, and any input is GREATLY appreciated!
    10-22-2021 10:32 AM

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