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May 27 2016 | 9:44 am EDT pkcable

I'm going to say closer to Tron NOW but heading towards Inception in the future. And of course if you have the right equipment it can be Inception now too! But I really do think mainstream VR is really in it's infancy although technically VR has been around a LOT longer than most people think. The precursors to VR were actually around in the 1950, now at THAT point it was only simulators primarily used by the military for training.

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Aug 11 2016 | 1:45 pm EDT MainFragger

It depends on the format of what you are viewing/playing. Natively, the HTC Vive feels very much like a TRON type world or environment. When you go into movie and image viewers, the environments are adjusted to feel like you are in a theater or in a lounge. When you watch 360 video clips, it feels very much like Inception. When you are in a video under water and shark gets close enough to you to be really really scary, its pretty amazing. When you are above and in the center of a fireworks display, its pretty incredible. When you can walk around the Mars landing site and see what Mars really looks like, pretty darn incredible. It really feels like you are there..but also, you will notice that on some boards in order to move around, they give you guide lines to show what area you can move in and points of interest. And those lines feel very very TRON like..