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Shooting full video around a central object?

Asked: Aug 09 2016 | 12:34 pm EDT 6050 Views 8 Answers View Best Answer

Could be a strange question for the community but here it goes...

If VR can be considered a sphere of images around a central camera that pivots within the center of the sphere to look at different areas of the inside wall, are there examples of the POV camera being stationed outside of the sphere looking at an object in its center (an obvious example thats been around for a while are 360 images that lets you rotate a product so you can see it from all sides).

What i am looking for is a similar to that product view but the requirements are:
1) The object in the center is in motion (video). Lets use a talking head as an example.
2) The POV camera is pointed at the talking head and the user can shift the camera around and above the head (so they can see the talking head from the front then move to the side and see the talking motion from the side and then control the camera to see what the talking motion looks like from above the head).
3) this video content will be contained within an app or website so the video player needs to have an SDK or otherwise embeddable

Anyone know of a camera that can shoot video around an central object in 360? I should mention the camera would need to be about 10 feet away from the object.

Thanks so much!

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Aug 09 2016 | 1:48 pm EDT pkcable

Sounds like something VERY commercial in nature. I bet they exist for movie studios and in commercial design. Maybe try contacting Dreamworks Animation, or one of the big movie studios? Might be tough to get someone to actually speak to you, BUT that would be my guess as to where such a camera would be used.

Aug 10 2016 | 7:57 pm EDT Chemy JMHT

I just saw this 360Heros please take a look, I remembered you were asking about it and maybe making a combination of that with this other (just a wire) OctoSpot you will be able to do what you are asking but underwater (what is awesome!)

Aug 16 2016 | 4:05 pm EDT krisguy

This would require a rig of multiple cameras, but I would not be sure if there is a commercial product.

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Sep 16 2016 | 4:16 pm EDT MainFragger

I've seen variations on this. It requires a ring of cameras that goes around the person/object. E! uses a 360 degree cam set up that they used at Fashion and Red Carpet events..

If you already have an externally pointed VR rig, I would say you can probably just move it/roll it around your central object and edit it in post.. Not sure how much work is involved in doing that.

If you are just looking for a 360 view picture, you can probably take a cell phone, put it into panoramic, and circle around your object/person.

Oct 21 2016 | 2:47 am EDT Efraim Davidoff

I don't think the cell phone idea would work too well, the panorama sensors don't work that way.

Oct 24 2016 | 11:36 am EDT alirezafarmad

This is like the scene in Matrix when then bullet was hitting Morpheus's leg and there was a pause and the camera kind of rotates around his leg. There they used an array of cameras and some mixing software to achieve that. I don't believe there is anything in the market that can do that for you, you need to be innovative and come with ideas, of course, it'll cost you some good amount of money, as well.