1. zocster's Avatar
    05-24-2016 01:42 PM
  2. mstrblueskys's Avatar
    Seems to be - I saw it on Amazon in the US for $170 - I almost did it right there!
    zocster likes this.
    05-25-2016 12:09 PM
  3. vansmack's Avatar
    I have it, though I got it for free, but it's every bit worth it's $200 price tag.

    It doesn't stitch as well as the Ricoh Theta S, but that's software, not hardware, so that can be fixed. I don't find the Theta S worth the extra $150, but right now the Theta S is the better camera.
    zocster likes this.
    05-25-2016 04:27 PM
  4. keilflex's Avatar
    awesome, do tell more. does it capture straight up?
    10-21-2016 09:16 PM
  5. jsnugen's Avatar
    Looking good...but a little expensive.
    10-24-2016 09:22 PM

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