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Can anyone advise me on a decent 360 camera to use to create VR content?

Asked: Nov 19 2017 | 6:25 pm EST 2827 Views 2 Answers View Best Answer

Hi all... thank you in advance.

I am quite new to the VR world so please forgive me in advance if I ask something that is obvious.

I am looking for some advice on purchasing a 360 camera where I can take the content it records and easily convert it to play in a VR headset (Google Glasses)

Is there anything out there that can do this?

Thanks Again.

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Nov 20 2017 | 8:55 am EST krisguy

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If you are looking for that, the Samsung Gear 360 would be the most simple one to use. You just install the app on your Android phone, and it will dump the photos in your photo folder that can be viewed with any VR photo viewer. Retail on those is $229, but I'm sure there will be some Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials.

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Nov 26 2017 | 3:27 pm EST Chemy JMHT

Amazon has a lot of options, but the main problem is how Easy can be share it or use it, more the videos than the pictures, as Krisguy said the easiest is the Samsung Gear 360, but if you are thinking in buying the Phone and the camera maybe the Moto 360 Camera could be an option too.

Here the link to Amazon USA Moto 360 Camera - White

But I think it's only a good choice if you already have a Moto smartphone compatible with Moto Mods.