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What is Project Tango?

Asked: Nov 17 2016 | 9:46 am EST 2642 Views 3 Answers View Best Answer


I know I KNOW probably a stupid question, but prior to seeing this new forum, and reading this thread...


I didn't have a clue. I now know it has something to do with AR or Augmented Reality. I was hoping someone could give me a better explanation. Plus I had also hoped that this thread could serve as our Q&A for this topic! So someone give me a good answer.


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Nov 18 2016 | 11:52 am EST Chemy JMHT

What is Project Tango?-7skfpfs.jpg

OK, because it's a very wide and complex project I will try to summarize it a little:

The Short answer would be:
Project Tango is a project created by Google, where the main feature is the ability to map the near physical environment with a smartphone or a small device in order to enhance and create Augmented Reality's tools.

The long answer:
Project Tango is an Android portable devices based AR Mapping blend between hardware and software, where the Smartphone will be able to map the surrounding by using a set of sensors like gyroscopes, GPS, Cameras, Motion Tracking cameras, Depth sensing sensors, dedicated Vision CPUs and more, all integrated inside the device so it will be able to show, store and process a 3D map of the surroundings with an unprecedented accuracy al also keeping track of that worldwide (GPS) even when you might be mapping an indoor environment, what in fact if where the project is more focused so far, but also physical space measurement and environmental recognition.

The new technologies added to the already on the market or being developed AR technologies would be: Motion Tracking, Area Learning and Depth Perception.

Potential Uses

  • Real time building-scale 6DOF motion tracking.
  • City-scale mapping
  • Rollercoaster experiment
  • Registration to existing surfaces
  • Tracking in difficult environments
  • Real-time 3D room capture
  • Real-time meshing in Unity with physics
  • Precise indoor positioning
  • AR-overlay indoor navigation

Due this project is growing more based on the new specialized hardware added to the devices it might not be suitable to used with the ones already on the market, so far only a few prototype devices and one (1) Phablet, showed above:

  • (discontinued) Peanut phone.

What is Project Tango?-project-tango-prototype.pngWhat is Project Tango?-project_tango_usb_2.0_port.png

  • Yellowstone 7-inch tablet.

What is Project Tango?-tango-tablet_blk.jpg

  • Intel RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit

What is Project Tango?-intel-tango-phone-sg-23-980x420.jpg

  • Lenovo Phap Pro 2

Image taken from Russell Holly's post, link at the botton

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Nov 17 2016 | 9:51 am EST James Falconer

Love this thread. Make sure you get in there and ask Russell your questions!!

Thanks for pointing it out pk!

Nov 17 2016 | 11:43 am EST Chemy JMHT

I was n the same situation, actually was just luck I didn't think about a dancing project... Because the Tango is a dance Argentina.