1. welshtrekker's Avatar
      Seems both AR and VR are going to reshape education in schools and universities in unprecedented ways over the months ahead.
      There is no better way to educate than to use fun to get the information across.
      Both AR and VR accomplish this and allow the industry to almost burst with new content as we move forward.
      What are your thoughts on AR in schools? Will it always work do you think? Are the costs to schools and universities worth the benefits?
      I prepared this infographic some time ago which shows 5 reasons why I can see improvements in education through the use of virtual reality services.
      02-26-2018 06:04 AM
    2. pkcable's Avatar
      I think both AR and VR can be VERY useful in schools. Both can be used for a safe way to train, allowing students to try dangerous things in a controlled, safe environment. Also some professions can also use AR and VR directly in their work, such as real estate (and other related field, such as home remolding), also medical, sports, etc The possibilities are endless!
      02-26-2018 02:13 PM
    3. Kathreenjosh's Avatar
      Medical students can explore the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, muscles, and bones via immersive app and videos.

      Here is the augmented technology that’s going to rule the Healthcare for eras together. The emerging technology supports the healthcare industry in an inevitable way. This can be a surgery walk through with the aid of virtual reality or guide the surgeon in real-time with the aid of augmented reality tools.

      Link removed, please put in your own thoughts in, no need for links.

      Thoughts on AR in Education?-1-anbc7fxduasuek46k2hvmg.jpeg
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      02-28-2018 02:35 AM

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