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    Medical students can explore the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, muscles and bones via immersive app and videos.

    Here is the immersive technology that’s going to rule the Healthcare for eras together. The emerging technology supports the healthcare industry in an inevitable way. This can be a surgery walk through with the aid of virtual reality or guide the surgeon in real-time with the aid of augmented reality tools. Get the best Augmented Reality app development services from Immersive Gaze.

    The future is now, the future is here. Immersive Technology — An excellent ‘test drive’ for all healthcare procedures.

    Example: Augmented Reality learning applications

    Use of Augmented Reality app in a classroom to experience real world. For example, Augmented Reality in Dental Education. Use of Augment reality video to demonstrate Dental models to students to enable them compare their sculpting with reference models.

    Revolution in Education using Augmented Reality Application-1-anbc7fxduasuek46k2hvmg.jpeg
    02-28-2018 02:29 AM

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