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    The Moverio BT-300 is an augmented reality headset capable of watching HD contents (3D supported). It also enhances your augmented reality experience when using AR related apps.

    This headset comes with a front facing camera, a motion sensor, a built-in Dolby Digital Plus for sound, GPS, microphone, compass and projectors. It works by projecting images at a resolution of 1280x720xRGB to the transparent glasses, allowing you to watch videos, play games, navigate and plenty more without losing sight of the physical world.

    Unlike most augmented reality glasses, instead of being wireless, it needs to be connected to an Android based device at all times. Thatís where all the computing power comes from. This allows BT-300 to last for up to 6 hours with impressive specifications like a 1.44GHz dual core processor, 2GB RAM, the drivers for Dolby Digital and an Android system running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

    The Epson Moverio is the 3rd version of this device, the previouswere available to buy for $699 directly from Epson website

    - https://tech.moverio.epson.com/en/bt-300/
    - https://epson.com/moverio-augmented-reality-developers
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    Winder if they will release a Pokemon GO Edition :P

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    I don't know why, but I changed the Title from 200 to 300 and it's not updating...
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