1. LeoRex's Avatar
    I'll be the first to admit that VR seems to me to be a bit too much of a toy to really make an impact. VR's popped up from time to time over the years, but we are now only getting to the point where the tech itself is catching up to the concept. But I think the real meat here is with VR's cousin, Augmented Reality. While VR seems to be more directed towards entertainment, I think AR might be where the real impact will come. From things like a AR headset to assist a doctor during surgery to AR windscreens on cars to give people much greater situational awareness.

    Now, the tech for both concepts pretty much dovetails into each other nicely... as they are quite closely related.. but as the expression goes, will they come for VR but stay for AR?
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    05-26-2016 10:01 AM
  2. CircuitLord's Avatar
    I actually agree. I think AR has more real-life potential then VR. Sure, vr can be used for training simulations, but AR is more useful in the real world.
    06-17-2016 12:35 PM
  3. Typhoon Jim's Avatar
    All of the above. I feel that interesting things are being done in both AR and VR, but the apps are what matter.

    With AR, less is more: integration with the real world is easier and more compelling when you do less of it. This was the genius of Ingress in the long term.

    With VR, we are just beginning to see the extent of things as the devices get better and cheaper.
    07-12-2016 06:23 PM
  4. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    But so far what are the options for AR? the one Microsoft is developing?
    another thing, what about the bunch of Generic (China) VR you use putting your smartphone, are compatible with everything?
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    07-12-2016 07:37 PM
  5. the_moesiah's Avatar
    Like everyone else, I think AR has more practical uses. I think in the future, way down the line, we'll see AR/VR combo headsets for "work" and play.
    09-09-2016 02:14 AM
  6. undefinederror's Avatar
    My vote is for AR.
    09-10-2016 09:16 PM
  7. pioann's Avatar
    I think that AR will generate more revenue for companies (advertising mainly) and it has the potential of many different applications. But VR has its own field that lots of ppl are going to enjoy and value which is gaming (obviously you can game with AR too, but it's a bit different). Overall, I'm excited about both technologies
    10-24-2016 11:25 AM
  8. VitaminA's Avatar
    IMO, VR will be the more popular of the two, but AR will have more impact and practical use. Not sure which will end up being more profitable, though. It's a question of the mass purchase from the hoards of average consumers vs. the fewer, larger purchases from corporations. Eventually, they'll be merged so we have 3 separate entities: VR, AR, and combo.
    10-24-2016 11:37 AM
  9. Freak_1988's Avatar
    I think VR will flourish in d Gaming sector bt AR tech will have a much more impact & use in our daily life in future👍
    10-30-2016 01:51 AM
  10. LezCronut's Avatar
    I think that both of them will definitely be equally prominent in tech. Because both have their own particular positioning.

    VR will be the go-to for immersive experience. AR will be the go-to for mixed reality or... augmented reality.

    VR does tremendous job with transporting you to a different (virtual) world and interact with it. This is the key role of VR. So you see it IS different in role from AR.
    When I see educational videos Google (such as the museum tour, Google's Art & Culture) has made, I can imagine what VR can contribute to education in even more awesome ways in the future.
    I recently read an article about how VR has been used to help the visually impaired to see clearly and even help heal blindness.
    I don't think VR is too much of a toy. It has great great potential in many many other areas. VR can definitely help training for many professions.
    Basically whenever you need to totally immerse yourself in a data, environment, graphics, info, VR is your go to. Stuffs that are not mixed with your physical environment.

    AR clearly serves us when we need to interact with both the virtual and the physical reality at the same time or as impeccably called augmented reality. They augment each other.

    To my question though is how practical is it to wear AR glasses in everyday uses?
    And AR actually has been around quite a long time too.

    To sum up, both VR & AR I think will redefine tech in their own particular way.
    11-02-2016 09:17 AM

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