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What is the best way to maintain your Rift/Vive setup

Asked: Nov 16 2016 | 12:39 pm EST 1070 Views 2 Answers

I'm trying to make a maintenance schedule so twice a week I do things to clean and make sure my Vive is working.

What are common maintenance things that should be done to extend the life of a HMD?

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Nov 16 2016 | 3:26 pm EST VirtuaTyKing

I'm not sure what can be done that can actually extend it's life. I know mine stays plugged in now. Which might not help extend it's life but I figure if it keeps getting condensation behind the lenses that can't be too great for it. At least now it doesn't have to keep fluctuating in temperatures as much.
I use a lens puffer. So far I haven't had to clean them for about a month.
With my unit I have had strands of elastic coming free from the back strap. I originally cut them but they seemed to continue to come free. Now I carefully burn them off. They have stopped for now.
Nov 16 2016 | 6:56 pm EST Chemy JMHT

What I do is keeping the RIft inside the box if I'm not using it, but if I want to use it in order to avoid condensation I place it over the top fan of the computer to warm it up before wearing it.

What I want to do is protect the internal screen and the internal side of the lenses, I feel like little dust particles can go there, here the dust and humidity is pretty high.