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    I got a Zeiss VR One Plus vr headset (great optics though to be expected) and the design works well with most phones. Problem is Zeiss recommends using Google Cardboard, which actually calls for a magnet switch. I'm sure all of you know that duh. I found the magnet hack to get a fundamental selector but the programming doesn't allow for a hand held bluetooth selector. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 so I went out and got a great price on a Samsung VR Gear Controller (ET-YO324BEGUS). I got phone to see the controller no problem. They recommend using Oculus software. So I downloaded a 1/4 gig of data and a game. I went to boot the game in Oculus and it wants me to put the phone in the Samsung Headset to boot the game which of course I can't do. Tried using a magnet but no luck. Anybody know a work around for either getting the Cardboard to see the controller or a hack to let the Zeiss VR One to do whatever the Samsung headset does to boot the game in Oculus? Thanks
    03-11-2018 01:05 PM
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    DAMN that's an interesting question! I KNOW you already have the Zeiss, BUT you can probably get a used GearVR for a very reasonable cost, 25-75 dollars on Swappa, or Ebay. You could also get the 2016 model which came WITHOUT the controller, since you don't need that. THAT should save you some bucks. I would NOT recommend the 2015 model. Here's the 2016's at Swappa....

    03-12-2018 02:58 PM

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