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    Hi Folks -

    I recently purchased an HP Windows Mixed Reality setup for $230 on Amazon (great deal!).

    I'm loving everything about it but the following:

    I can't set the IPD value in software, so I'm left with blurry vision if I don't drastically position my face in the headset and let one eye dominate. The slider has a small range of values and entering data manually does not work (just resets to max of slider value).

    My IPD is 72. Most of the guys I know have an IPD of 70+

    The software appears to go as high as IPD 69. But in reality appears to be stuck at 65... This would appear to be confirmed by the amount I have to slide my face into the outer edges of the headset to get the sweet spot.

    I assume that software IPD is supposed to slide the view of each eye inwards/outwards by a 10 or so pixels for each point of IPD? Useful if you are going to have custom user profiles...

    However, even with this issue I'm pretty impressed with the quality for the money I spent. Yes, there is a little light leak, but it seems like that creates good airflow. I can block most light leak with two small, 3x3" fabric squares I keep on my desk.

    I can only assume that there will be 3rd party replacements for the face foam (get your eyes closer for a slightly higher FOV), as well as higher quality light leak blockers.
    12-23-2017 05:45 PM
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    02-21-2018 03:10 PM

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