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Why is my Galaxy S6 overheating after 10-15 minutes of use in Gear VR?

Asked: Jul 07 2017 | 3:52 am EDT 2509 Views 2 Answers View Best Answer

When I click the Galaxy s6 handset into the Samsung Gear Vr headset, after 10-15 minutes, I get a warning the the handset has overheated and needs to cool. It does allow me to click to ignore the warning...which i have done but then the headset and phone don't preform properly...everything can get jerky and less responsive...and then I usually succumb and remove the handset from the Gear Vr and let it cool. What can I do to avoid this overheating problem?

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Jul 08 2017 | 4:23 am EDT steek

Yeah the S6 is very prone to overheating. I don't have experience with how effective using just a heatsink to solve the problem is but a fan-based thermal solution like a CUVR Ultimate will make the problems go away almost entirely. It does add a fair bit of weight to the front though so there is a very noticeable difference in comfort.

If you go this way make sure to get something that says it supports the 2016 GearVR or newer and typically attaches directly to the phone if you have one of the newer models. There are many cooling fans that replace the front cover of the old model and don't work with the new ones where you can't even have the front cover attached while the phone is in.