1. GustavMahler's Avatar
    I have just come across OSVR hdk2 and I have seen one user who is also a developer commenting that it is his favorite headset.
    That came as a big surprise to me as I've just heard of this headset (I have been a great fan of VR for years).
    Let's assume that I have enough money to get the Rift or the Vive (I don't have at the moment, but I am saving)-Can the OSVR compete in terms of tracking and image quality with these both headsets?

    What will be the possibilities that I will have with this headset and its OSVR software (I don't know exactly what open source virtual reality is when talking about software)
    and why can't it be used with the oculus rift for example?

    Sorry if the question is odd, it may be so because I don't yet know exactly what OSVR means.

    Thanks a lot guys!
    01-02-2017 03:09 AM
  2. pjs37's Avatar
    So OSVR is an attempt to create an OpenSource standard for VR. The Rift uses their own proprietary SDK which you can use with the Vive using the work around known as Re-vive and OSVR may have one for it as well. It should work with Steam VR though.

    The headset itself is made by Razer and they do some interesting things like offering modular component upgrades.

    As far as its quality compared to others it sounds like it is quite comparable. I would read some reviews on it and poke around the subforum for it and on the re-reddit as well.
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    01-02-2017 10:56 AM
  3. GustavMahler's Avatar
    Thanks. Will I be able to play Rift or Vive games on it though?
    And will a touch controller/Vive wand be able to be paired with this headset?
    01-02-2017 01:02 PM
  4. Firegold21's Avatar
    IIRC from what I've seen elsewhere, I believe this is supposed to be supported in Riftcat, which should enable SteamVR/Oculus games. I've thought about this option before also, but haven't made a final decision yet. I don't know if this works with the lighthouses or camera sensors to allow room scale or what, and I'd like to have that option in any desktop VR I end up with.
    01-02-2017 01:18 PM
  5. pjs37's Avatar
    You can use things like the PS Move Controllers or a WiiMore to a achieve a similar experience at a lower costs. As for roomscale...it still look like its a fairly hacked together affair and not yet a seemless developed feature. But you wont be able to use the HTC Vive or Oculus Touch controllers as they appear to be paired through the headsets.
    01-02-2017 07:53 PM
  6. krisguy's Avatar
    There is support for SteamVR games, as Valve has publicly said that they are willing to integrate OSVR standards into Steam. As of this week, I'm seeing more VR apps in Steam with official OSVR support, so that's great. I just wish ARK worked in Revive so I could play with my Vive.
    01-03-2017 10:09 AM
  7. Talkivr's Avatar
    Well convenience, For 399 your already spending alot most people just jump to the vive or oculus. Like you said osvr has been overlooked a bit, when it first released kind of hoped it would take off bigger/faster. So from what ive seen you got to kind of rig up stuff with it on your own but it support is increasing like said about steam has recently accepted it for steamvr.

    I mean it could potentially be a great VR but there is no controller or room scale it natively comes or that is a reccommended setup that i'm aware of currently. I mean you could buy a vive for 599 and get the touchs later still more money but you'll have the option unless you want to rig up something.

    So it kind of lacks anything past the display department. If it had some more hardware could easily be a top contender i think but I think they are currently not doing and waiting on the community to increase or show popularity in their hardware, I.E. rig up easy stuff on their own and softwares.
    01-03-2017 10:52 AM
  8. GustavMahler's Avatar
    I think that it could be really cool to own a headset which could be tweaked and that isn't too easy to set up.
    Like you said, the only thing that really makes me hesitate buying it is that the Vive wands or touch controllers cannot be used with it, and I really don't want to play with an xBox controller (at least for the most part).
    01-03-2017 03:26 PM

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