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Aug 30 2016 | 12:14 am EDT Chemy JMHT

The article is posted on the news section of the forum (I posetd), but so far a lot of brands are using the GTX 10XX and the lastest Intel i7 CPUs, so most of the High ends should works, I got some emails from a lot of companies (AVAdirect, Asus, MSI, CYberpowerPC, iBuyPower, etc) offering the new high end VR ready laptops, so now I think it's just matter to set a budget and start just searching for a "VR laptop" in google or something.

Here you can see some of the offers NewEgg have for VR laptops:
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Aug 29 2016 | 8:13 pm EDT krisguy

Firstly, please feel free to join the VR Heads forums here. I love meeting people into VR, and I'm sure we want to have you around.

I know that MSI is working on a VR grade laptop/backpack, but I can't remember the details. Anyone else got the article?