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    So I am looking at buying my first VR headset later this year and have been looking up what I want. Making sure I did not miss anything that I may want to consider.

    Here are some I am already considering:

    Samsung Odyssey (like the price over the pro but... no sensor towers)
    vive pro (wowzers this is expensive)
    Pimax 8k (looks nice but not out yet and 4k had tracking issues)

    So those are the ones I am already considering and was wondering if there was any more you could in add in that was coming out soon. The time frame I am looking for is when the Nvidia 1180 or 2080 or whatever it is called comes out as I will be upgrading my PC than and grabbing the VR around the same time.

    08-10-2018 03:02 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    You COULD go for standalone VR and get an Oculus Go. No computer or phone needed! 200 dollars! I love mine!
    08-10-2018 03:32 AM

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