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    Hi, So I want to go into a software and create a room..

    In this room, I shall create all of the things in my room!
    Including beds tables all that silly stuff..
    While in this room I would have my little boxes in the two corners of my room IRL
    and this obviously be in my VR room as well so I can actually not walk into my walls when moving in my VR room.. ( so I'm trying to say I'll make it so the walls IRL will correspond with the walls in VR idk )

    So basically the Idea is that once this room is made I can launch my VR enter into this game and depending on where I am in my room ill be there in my VR room cause the sensors in the corner of my room are telling the VR wizards where to magic me!

    In this room, I will be able to do a lot of magic things such as bring up a hologram screen thingy that is my computer or whatever is possible to interact with within VR such as Youtube, Steam, Interwebz, Wizard magical things!

    Now I don't have VR as of now as it is mainly based on whether or not I can do this XD

    Since VR arcade things are very common in my area!

    My question is obviously Is this possible?
    And if so how easy would it be?

    I assume that making the room would be the more difficult part as It'd have to be at a VERY good scale or whatever so that when I touch the side of my bed in VR I am doing so IRL ( so basically making the VR room match with the IRL one perfectly )
    I am pretty ok at C4D so If I need to use some software like that to do this I think it'd be fairly easy!

    Obviously setting things up to maybe have trackers on objects in my room so I could interact with it bot IRL and VR would be cool!

    But mainly the part of having the whole magic stuff XD

    I'd assume I need to code a game to do this?
    Or maybe there is some already made game where all I do is add my objects and stuff to it?

    And then how would I go about adding in the touch screen type thing if it is even possible?

    I don't need full answers to all of these just some basic stuff like what programs I'd need for this or that and maybe a difficulty level to someone who is 100% NEW!

    Thanks for any answer in advance!

    I hope I wasn't too confusing :P

    - Stay Cozy
    06-04-2018 12:58 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Interesting questions! Now in some VR, Oculus in particular, they have a room for you, BUT it's NOT that customizable to allow you to mirror your real life room. It DOES have some of the features you are looking for such as the ability to share videos, youtube etc, or play games with others. It's called Oculus Rooms. And of course there are room modelling programs that you use in home design, that could allow you to recreate your room, BUT would not have all the features you crave.
    06-05-2018 09:32 AM

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