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    I am extremely interested in VR for everything including using it as a PC desktop.

    I know Occulus has just announced/launched their VR PC Desktop DASH

    I would imagine this is going to be super fluid and useful.

    However, I was originally leaning towards a Vive because of more 3rd party support and therefore expand-ability and I feel the Vive just slightly has more of an edge over Rift.

    Until I saw DASH - it's exactly the kind of experience I am looking for.

    But before I settle on a platform, I need more info on Vive's VR PC desktop options. I have seen some things available on STEAM, but have no clue of the quality or usefulness of these Vive options.

    So has anyone tested the Vive PC desktop options and can speak on how useful it really is as a new form of computer interaction?

    Can it really even compete with what DASH is about to offer for Rift?

    I assume we are just in the early stages of VR PC desktops and Vive would eventually catch up to Dash - but when?

    Also there is an amazingly small device called Perception Neuron that is a motion capturing device for the VR world.

    So how can this type of technology be integrated into VR and act as a Minority Report style glove/hand interface to allow you to work and play on a much higher level of immersion and inter-activeness within VR for work related purposes?

    There is also VRGluv - but it is rather bulky compared to the technology that Perception Neuron is working with. I just don't know how capable Perception Neuron is at being used as a new VR mouse essentially to interact within the VR dimension.
    12-01-2017 12:10 PM

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