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    I'm asked to put up a Virtual Reality demo booth where clients can watch 360 video's using a VR headset. I was hoping I could get some expert advice from you guys.

    We currently have a Oculus Go which plays the 360 videos just fine, that's not the issue. We wish to have the image of the headset projected on a big screen, so that others can watch what the person with the headset on is watching. Also we would like the headset to be in some kind of kiosk mode, so the only thing people can do is select and watch the video's, preferably without the controller. It would also be nice if it's all plug-and-play.

    I did some research myself and I found to some possible solutions:
    - Cast Oculus Go to smartphone app and cast that to Chromecast. Not very efficient because it needs to be set up again manually every time and casting is a bit laggy.
    - Connecting Ocolus Go headset to PC using Android Debug Bridge (adb). This allows me to mirror the image on a screen, but also needs to be set up manually again every time.
    - Virtual Desktop app (vrdesktop.net) is a perfect solution because it offers a custom environment (kiosk mode) + 360 video support, but it needs a high-end VR headset + high-end PC. The mobile version of this app (for Oculus Go) doesn't support these features (yet).

    Other solutions would be appreciated. Switching to another VR headset would not be out of the question, as long as it doesn't take €1000+ for hardware.

    Any thoughts?
    09-04-2019 08:07 AM

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