1. gary_hethcoat's Avatar
    Bought an Insta360 One camera and Oculus Rift. So far I have been unable to view the 360 photos and videos from the camera in Oculus 360 Photos/Videos. The Oculus software does not recognize the "insp/insv" format that the Insta360 One outputs. I have also been unable to find a format converter for this. Has anyone else tried something similar, even with different equipment? (HTC Vive, other 360 cameras, etc)
    01-12-2018 11:49 AM
  2. patrickdelorenzi's Avatar
    Hi! Did you solve the problem? If you download the insta360 plugin for premiere pro, you can import and export .h264 files that can be sideloaded in the oculus and viewed! Works for me!
    07-02-2018 04:49 AM

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