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Trouble with "VR Ready PC" and stuttering and dropped frame issues

Asked: Mar 11 2017 | 12:49 pm EST 7193 Views 2 Answers View Best Answer

I have a CyberPowerPC which has a i5 7400 8gm ram with a Radeon RX480 4gb video card. When we play the vive we get both worse than expected screen door effect but lots of dropped frames. Also it appears that at certain times while playing you get what I can only refer to as artifacts. My nephew has the GTX 1060 and the i7 6750HQK which does not even seem to break a sweat.. yes I know the CPU is better than mine, but the GPU should be comparable and my CPU exceeds the Vive recommended CPU and in the performance test I get a 6.4 VR ready

Average Quality 6.4
Frames Tested 8762
Frames Below 90 fps 0 (0%)
Frames CPU Bound 3 (0%)

I bought the machine specifically to run the Vive but I am concerned I bought a system with not enough either GPU or CPU for the Vive (or maybe both). I do have an MSI gaming motherboard.

Playing Quivr on the system results I tons of dropped frames that are noticeable in the game
Even running a Game like Rec Room on the lowest setting in the game can result in the same problems.

Running the performance monitor results in redlines up to 11-12 on the GPU. (not sure exactly what that means. If someone can tell me what exactly I am looking at I would appreciate it.

I updated the firmware on the RX480 with 17.3.1, and all the of the vive hardware as well.

My question.. bottom line is. IS this enough machine for a good VR experience? I have even tried overclocking my video card. What setting on both the GPU and the Vive can be set to maybe fix my issues? I have read numerous places that my system should be about average in VR experience but it isn't . I have noticed that most posts saying it would be are Oculus owners so maybe the systems at different enough. I would really appreciate some feedback to either help me resolve the issue OR to get a different box to run it off of..

Thank you

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Mar 19 2017 | 7:31 pm EDT Chemy JMHT

I think basically the article that Cale referred says almost everything.

The thing about lower performance could be not because of the Hardware in your situation but the software, maybe the Antivirus or some other programs running on background are taking too many resources from your computer, while in VR and having issues try watching the Task Manager and see what is the program taking resources not related with VR.

To open task manager you have two choices:

1. Pressing the holy trinity Control + Alt +Delete (it should work in any version).

2. In Windows 10, right click in the start button and then Task Manager.

I hope it helps you to solve your issue.