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Surface Book 2

Asked: Dec 09 2017 | 7:21 pm EST 4744 Views 4 Answers View Best Answer

I know that nobody will probably answer this question, but it's worth a shot... is the Surface Book 2 15 inch version with the 1060 graphics card compatible with Steam VR. I could give a crap about mix reality since there are barely any applications supported. I would be interested in the SB2 if it actually works well with Steam VR. Based on my searches, nobody has actually tested it to my knowledge.

Best Answer

Dec 12 2017 | 7:47 pm EST krisguy

YesWelcome to VRHeads! We are going to need more info in order to help you further. Please join the site. Here's how....

Yes, All Surface Book 2 devices except the lowest priced 13" unit are Windows Mixed Reality Ultra badged devices. Since they are certified by MS and WMR has the highest specs, Vive and Rift will work as well.

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Dec 12 2017 | 8:14 am EST pkcable

My guess is no, BUT I do not actually know.