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Sep 11 2016 | 5:02 pm EDT Cale Hunt

I've yet to try the PSVR but everything I've read thus far claims the PSVR has less of the screen-door effect than other systems. Has this been the experience for you?
I gave it a try a few weeks ago and was pretty impressed with how little I noticed. Also, here's an explanation on why it's much less pronounced than in other VR rigs: PlayStation VR: why there's no screen-door effect | VRHeads

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Aug 29 2016 | 8:15 pm EDT krisguy

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I tried it at a Gamestop store two weeks ago. All I can say is that EVE was clean and I didn't experience any screen door. That being said, I tend to not notice it because I usually wear VR headsets without my glasses.

Sep 03 2016 | 10:29 am EDT Windowdee

I tried the psvr at best buy and I didn't notice any screen door effect, then again I was very excited to be trying it out so I might not have noticed it.

Sep 11 2016 | 3:13 pm EDT the_moesiah

I tried it yesterday and I noticed the screen door effect at times. It wasn't very prominent and I didn't notice it often, but that could be because I was so into the games.

Everything was a bit darker than I would have liked too. I think the PS4 Pro (Neo) would take care of those problems though.