1. Angelo Joseph Vargas Vibal IV's Avatar
    04-13-2017 05:17 AM
  2. Blakey_nz's Avatar
    What about it?

    Will it happen? Maybe but not the way we would expect it.

    Should be like Pokemon stadium but will probably just be a card game
    04-13-2017 05:31 AM
  3. Firegold21's Avatar
    I'd love it if Pokemon in VR worked like this video:

    04-14-2017 10:12 PM
  4. Matty's Avatar
    Pokemon in VR?
    For the moment, i think Pokémon Go is just going to stay with a standard on screen game with a small introduction to AR (augmented reality) with the camera being used for catching Pokémon. I did read somewhere that they are trying to improve how Pokémon are seen on the screen. So they could possibly 'hide' inside bushes or stand behind a pole ect. Which could make things more interesting
    04-15-2017 02:38 AM
  5. Blakey_nz's Avatar
    I read this morning that the company is working on a AR device.
    04-15-2017 06:24 PM

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