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Need fyp ideas on ar and vr (please)

Asked: Sep 11 2019 | 3:16 pm EDT 1329 Views 1 Answers

Hi, everyone. I need to submit my fyp proposal in upcoming week. Unfortunately, I've still not come up with some interesting idea. I'll be grateful if you guys take time out and lend me some unique and interesting (not cliché) ideas on AR and VR(other than game) please. Looking for a positive response. Thankyou.

Sep 11 2019 | 10:17 pm EDT pkcable

Ok when I was a kid, and when i would go to the Philadelphia Zoo, they sold what they called an Elephant Key. Each zoo exhibit had a box which when you inserted your key would tell you something about the animal. How about something like that, but with AR. You could have info and actual video that overlay what the person is seeing at each exhibit. Call them Elephant Glasses maybe? Lol

EDIT: This would work equally well as Museums and other attractions.