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    Hp Spectre X360-13, with 9th gen. UHD 620 1.99 Ghz CPU with all updates & integral GPU with latest ver., 16GB RAM, 500 GB HD, external 1TB SSD Archive drive, Samsung Odyssey+ HMD with all updates.

    Latest Win. 10 ver. with all updates and Win. Mixed Reality with all updates, VLC with latest ver., BigScreen with latest ver., SteamVR, Virtual Desktop.

    I have an unwieldy bookcase of CD's, DVD's, BluRay's, and 3D BluRays that I have archived as 1080P MP4 Stereo files on my ext. SSD drive. They all play perfectly on my Visio "P" series 3D TV through the TV media ports, and all play perfectly through the Win. MR Portal, EXCEPT the 3D movies!

    Here's the kicker - Win. MR/Odyssey+ will play any 3D 360* video/movie out there, using more computational power with my setup than needed for my 3D MP4's, yet will only play mine as 2D SBS split screen!

    BigScreen, SteamVR and Virtual Desktop refuse to open or drag & drop files to play because they have ALL decided to REQUIRE a more powerful computer with a discreet minimum GPU for gaming, BUT I HAVE NO DESIRE FOR GAMING - I bought this system ONLY for playing my 3D movies anywhere/anytime.

    VLC currently only provides Anaglyph 3D on main laptop monitor requiring red/blue glasses that destroys brightness and color, and there is no help for even running this through win. MR/HMD. Only audio is transferred, not video when launched from VLC with win. display advanced setting changed to detected monitor 2. When movie selected from MR Portal (computer file or external drive), movie is displayed in 2D SBS format.

    How can I play my archived 3D 1080P MP4 Stereo movies through win. MR/Odyssey+ HMD?

    I also need to know if everything I do with MR MUST go through MR Portal? I would like to have MR running but shut down the portal - in other words, when I DO get to watch 3D through MR/HMD, I really don't want to watch it in the Portal living room. I want to watch it full screen width using as many pixels as possible (~90* full width 16:9 or "Theater Width".

    Note: My eye width (IPD) is actually narrower than the standard 65mm set by Win. MR Settings, resulting in the adjustable HMD IPD setting being at the end of travel. Attempting to "Calibrate the IPD" to my actual measured IPD before adjusting the HMD IPD wheel, I discovered that the slider was grayed out - non-op. Will this be corrected in the future?
    12-21-2019 10:07 PM