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    "This wire, this ribbon, has to be touching the base metal plate down here. If this ribbon is not touching the base metal plate, you will lose tracking you will lose bluetooth pairing."

    After some accidental wall smashing, my controller lost tracking, but after opening it up and reattaching the ribbons for the trackers, it worked again for a short time.

    Now, however, both tracking and pairing are broken, and I've checked that all the ribbons are attached. The comments cited above were a ray of hope for me, but I don't quite understand what he's talking about. Just a little more clarification about what part of the ribbon should be touching what part of the metal plate would be a lifesaver. Thank you for you time.
    07-27-2017 08:27 PM
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    I'm not sure what video you mean, can you post a link to it? Also here's a blog from @Matt Brown our HTC Vive expert blogger, also our Ambassador Team Leader @krisguy has an HTC Vive and may be able to help.....


    Welcome to VRHeads! We are going to need more info in order to help you further. Please join the site. Here's how....
    07-28-2017 09:03 AM
  3. aiNebulous's Avatar

    (The specific comments happen right at 4 minutes and 3 seconds.)

    I tried all of the troubleshooting tips I could find online that didn't involve opening it up and voiding the warranty but to no avail. Since it was damaged through rough handling, I then tried the more surgical approaches.

    After posting here yesterday, I made a bit more progress with it. I disconnected and reconnected all of the ribbons I could find inside just to be sure, and it worked for a few moments until I started touching the trackpad. It immediately lost pairing and tracking as it had done before, so his remarks in this video seem like they're probably relevant to my issue.
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    07-28-2017 04:21 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    I will see if I can get some experts to come help.
    07-29-2017 12:04 AM
  5. krisguy's Avatar
    I would love to help, but I haven't had the (dis)pleasure of opening up a controller yet.
    07-29-2017 09:04 AM

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