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    So you can ask a question and get some needed help at VRHeads.com by simply posting your concern. But did you know there are real benefits to becoming a MEMBER here?

    As a member, you can start your own threads, answer questions in many other threads, post in the social forums (we are a fun bunch!), enter contest and win COOL free stuff! It's FREE to sign up and well, it only takes a few minutes. Why wouldn't you want to join other VRHeads members and be part of the emerging VR world?

    1. When you arrive at VRHeads.com, you will see this at the top of the font page:
    [Guide] How to sign up to be a Member at VRHeads.com-vrheader.png

    In the upper left-hand corner you will see 3 bars, click on them and then see the words LOGIN or SIGN UP

    2. Click on SIGN UP and you will see this screen:
    [Guide] How to sign up to be a Member at VRHeads.com-vr-signup.png

    3. You need to either sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Microsoft credentials or create a new account using a different username. That's what I am doing here below:
    [Guide] How to sign up to be a Member at VRHeads.com-vr-signup-info.png

    4. Don't forget to Check "I'm not a Robot" and then click on Continue

    5. While you are waiting for the validation email, you see this:
    [Guide] How to sign up to be a Member at VRHeads.com-vr-signup-confirm.png

    6. You'll see I created a username for myself and a password. I also put in a REAL email address because, as you can see below you'll need to VALIDATE the email account.
    [Guide] How to sign up to be a Member at VRHeads.com-vr-signup-email.png
    This email is important because you need to VERIFY your account.

    7. Now I can log in with my new account:
    [Guide] How to sign up to be a Member at VRHeads.com-vr-signin.png
    When you log in successfully, you will be returned to the front page of the blog and see your username or avatar in the upper left-hand corner.

    It's easy! And really, why are you still reading this and NOT SIGNING UP?
    See you in the Virtual World!
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    This is awesome, thanks for sharing!
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    06-03-2016 07:37 AM
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    thx m8
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    10-26-2016 09:41 AM

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