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    I'm not talking about the tracking of the fingers, or all the other sensors (Unless the contribute to the 'general' tracking accuracy), I'm talking about the physical location and orientation of the controller, and it's tendency to either move out of tracking range or lose detection.

    I realize that this has a 'lot' to do with the room setup, presence of reflective materials, CPU, GPU, and placement of light houses, but I think it's safe to say the controller has 'some' effect on the tracking accuracy since it has to be powered to be tracked. So my question is whether the Index controller is easier or better tracked, and experiences fewer drops or jitters than the Vive controller side by side?

    My system is 'fairly' flawless. I get 'mild' jitters (Very mild never enough to actually effect gameplay, just visible and frustrating for someone with a bit of OCD) about every couple minutes or so, we're talking millimeter or so flashing back and forth for a second or two before it stabilizes into smooth motion. It's not the 'general' framerate, as the background and headset, and all other simulated items remain smooth. In fact the headset NEVER jitters or drops (Maybe once every five hours of play or so), but the controllers will straight up stop tracking maybe once every two hours for a solid 5 seconds or so, disappearing from view.

    I play Beat Saber and a lot of other precision and time sensitive games, so this can be frustrating. Hardly enough to stop playing as it's relatively rare, but I'm willing to pay a premium if I can get 'slightly' better tracking with slightly less frequent drops, and particularly if jitter is nearly eliminated. Is that the case with these controllers? Are there any controllers on the market compatible with the HTC Vive Pro and Base Stations 2.0 that do have better tracking? Thanks.
    06-19-2019 03:08 AM

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