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    You can't ask for help anymore because all you get is the wrong help every time when asking for advice. I politely asked for a Dumpster to be brought to my house so I can remove all the junk in my yard and in my house, but the only answer I get is the same answer I asked as if avoiding the help I asked, So how can I organize everything if I have no room for my mothers junk that she left after she passed on and my grandparents junk that they left in the house that takes up a lot of space after they passed on. Wtf I have little german roaches crawling around everywhere and invading my electronics and anything running on power. She is from Probate and she offered her help to get my life back on track and she promised to bring a Dumpster so I can clean up. She refuses until I straighten up the house as she said which makes no since unless she brings the Dumpster I asked for. I have no source of income, I don't drive and my Social Security check was terminated. Seems I'm screwed. And on top of all that I have people harassing me everytime I change my lan line number someone calling late at night and hanging up and stealing my mail or throwing rocks at my front door. Seems like Gangstalking. Why is this happening I need help and I need the harassment to stop. And spreading lies about me on Facebook telling everyone that you are gay. I'M NOT GAY never was and never will be, just because no women come in my house does not make a person gay. Is society this ignorant by accusing people that a person living in your mothers house and sharing the utility bills with your brother and being called gay because I never moved out. Makes no ******* since whatsoever. And it seems all these problems happened because the house is in my mothers name and not mind. I can't change my Social Anxiety Disorder which causes me to stay home all the time which people don't understand.
    04-19-2018 08:45 PM
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    Welcome to VRHeads! We are a community of Virtual Reality fans. We don't handle those type question. For questions like that please consider seeking professional help. These are just not issues that we can help you with.

    On a personal level I DO wish you well and hope that you can get the help you need or desire.
    04-20-2018 08:02 AM

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