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    So I have decided I definitely want to get a VR headset (probably the Vive), but I'm curious about my eyesight will affect things:
    1: right-eye - short-sighted ie. I can't see things too far away without my glasses (I have to wear them for driving or when going to a meeting at work where I need to see a screen on the wall - but otherwise they don't really get worn much as I can see close and close-ish stuff well)
    2: left-eye - I have an astigmatism, and in essence this eye cant really focus very well on anything whether it be close or far away - this eye is also mostly lazy so whilst it does help with peripheral vision I don't think I tend to use it much unless I actually close the right-eye. Because this eye is mostly lazy my glasses only have a balance lense for that side since I don't really use it.

    So I read that VR can make you use lazy eyes, now for me this wont really help much I suspect because said mostly-lazy left eye can't really focus on much anyway - it gives me a headache if I try to read anything on the monitor if I close my right-eye and force the left to work, I've been told the focal distance for the Vive is about 2m and trying to focus on something 2m away with the left eye doesn't cause a headache or anything.

    Now I tried out my friends Vive, and it was awesome fun, but I found that any text was fuzzy, even when said friend turned on the option that is supposed to make text more readable - it made a distinct difference for him, but didn't make any difference for me.

    So does anyone know (I asked my optician and he admitted that he didn't know anything about VR stuff so unfortunately couldn't help): is this likely caused by my mostly-lazy left eye and if so is there anything I can do about it (noting that as previously said my glasses don't correct the vision for that eye)?

    Thanks (and sorry for the essay)
    06-16-2017 10:31 AM
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    It could be from the lazy eye. If you can, I'd go back and experiment a bit more. I believe there's a focus adjustment wheel on the Vive like there is for the Rift and Gear VR, but I'm not sure. If there is, try playing with that and see if it helps.

    Maybe also try (and this is a crappy solution, I know) putting a temporary patch over your left eye or just keeping it closed? If nothing else, that would isolate the problem to the eye and not the optics themselves.

    Something else that might be true here is giving it time. I've seen reports of the extreme close focus actually helping vision, etc. Maybe if you stick with it long enough, you'll find that you're used to it and can read the text and even have slightly better vision in your left eye.

    Outside of those options, I really don't know.
    06-17-2017 03:46 PM

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