1. poorking's Avatar
    and what i need to use VR with my mobile
    10-20-2016 07:00 AM
  2. Chemy JMHT's Avatar
    and what i need to use VR with my mobile
    Hi welcome to the Forum!

    Well the LG Nexus 5x does support VR using a cardboard or similar housing, you will basically just need the housing for it, here in the link you may find a lot of options:


    After getting the cardboard of your choice you will need to install the right apps, most of the times it's just scanning a code in one side of the cardboard or just by getting it on Google Play.

    Of course if you want a deeper experience you should consider the mainstream options like the PSVR, ViVE or Rift.
    10-20-2016 01:59 PM
  3. poorking's Avatar
    Thank you for helps me and for useful information
    Chemy JMHT likes this.
    10-21-2016 03:13 AM
  4. curtzxion's Avatar
    did you mean nexus 5x, since nougat update google have been experimenting with daydream on android. so more support now. but before there already tons of content in play store for vr. if you want to use your phone as "pc" vr headset like rift or vive, check out vridge its paid apps, but you can try the free trial offer. in my opinion, best apps for convert mobile vr to pc vr.
    10-23-2016 07:07 AM

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