1. VR Question's Avatar
    Can you hook up the head to an DVD player?
    10-26-2016 08:24 AM
  2. Hugh Mongus's Avatar
    Hooking your head up to a dvd player is not recommendable :'D The PSVR will work with a DVD player if it has HDMI.
    10-26-2016 08:37 AM
  3. dpham00's Avatar
    As said above... It could work but it isn't going to be the best experience
    10-26-2016 08:57 AM
  4. krisguy's Avatar
    First, thanks for coming to VR Heads. Please join the conversation and setup an account so we can keep going.

    Samsung Video for the Gear VR has an option for watching 2D videos in a virtual movie theater. Netflix and Hulu have Oculus apps. Virtual Desktop works well on PC HMDs for watching any video - just maximize the app/browser.
    10-27-2016 12:51 AM

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