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    For work we have shot a video with the 360 degree 4K camera Ricoh Theta V.

    We want to show the footage at conferences, on a pair of VR glasses. Preferably the glasses can be charged directly, and not through a battery (to eliminate downtime at the conference).

    Which glasses would you guys recommended? Budget around 400 dollar, EU shipping is a must.

    The better quality, the happier my manager will be. Our current headset (Bobo VR Z4) is very blurry, and doesn't really work well enough, to be used at conferences and such.

    Thanks so much
    01-31-2018 07:34 AM
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    Does it have to be standalone? Willing to buy phones too? Perhaps the Daydream View with a cheaper, older phone, such as the Axon 7, original Moto Z, Huawei Mate 9 Pro? Or a GOOD cardboard like the Merge VR along with budget phones? OR have the folks supply there own phones?
    02-21-2018 03:38 PM
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    Welcome to VRHeads! We are going to need more info in order to help you further. Please join the site so you can reply!

    I would most likely recommend something in a WMR headset plugged into a laptop for convention/conference displays.
    • Relatively low costs (400 to 450 euros - not sure if that is with VAT == I'm American, sorry.)
    • simple configuration
    • wide field of view with little user changes needed (focal point fixes are just moving the headset around the face)
    • Windows 10 photo viewer already works with pano images and videos
    • Lighter for the users
    • only 2 cables to work
    • no batteries to worry about - power is drawn from USB 3.0
    • Dolby Atmos for headphones will work with the headphone adapters if you need spacial sound ($11 USD for the Windows 10 app to activate it)

    If there is something in your case that I haven't touched on, please create an account and log in. Tell us what is unique about your case!
    02-21-2018 03:51 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    02-23-2018 10:25 AM

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